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Magic Mushroom - AlacabenziMagic Mushroom - Alacabenzi



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This magical strain delivers an altered reality that produces more physical and spatial effects, with relaxing head and body sensations at smaller doses, and more significant warping of balance at higher doses. An excellent choice for beginners who might be wary of an overly intense hallucinogenic journey, this strain can produce results that feel closer to the effects of strong cannabis edibles. This strain is going to feel like you went to an amusement park all day, and the world is feeling a bit wonky, due to its tendency to impact balance. You will feel a new level of stoned, so first timers should be careful with dosing. We recommend friends, pets, cuddles and a heavy blanket for this strain. Chill out in the evening with this strain or go deep into a meditative state, as it’s not going to make you want to bounce around. The relaxing sensation will run deep in your body. Bit of a longer come up with this one, taking about an hour and lasting 5-6 hours.

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  1. fatima_lopez08 (verified owner)

    These are great for more experienced psychonauts as high as be strong with higher doses. See the world from a while different view.

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