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Cannabis edibles are products that have THC or CBD added to them for either medical or recreational purposes. Although the effects of cannabis on sleep are still under investigation, some individuals reported having vivid and intense dreams after consuming edibles.

The heightened curiosity about the effects of edibles on dreams has led to many people searching the term, “buy edibles online” specifically for this purpose. In this article, we’ll look at the potential impact of edibles on dreams and what the research says about this phenomenon.

How do Dreams happen?

Dreaming typically happens during the fourth stage of the sleep cycle, called REM (Rapid Eye Movement)  sleep. During this stage, the individual experiences rapid eye movement while they dream. The sleep cycle consists of four stages, and it is common for these stages to be repeated several times during a standard night’s sleep.

The initial and lightest stage is Stage 1, which endures only 5% of the sleep cycle. The subsequent stage, Stage 2, is more profound and accounts for about 50% of total sleep time. The third stage is the deepest phase of sleep and is when tissue repair and strengthening of the immune system occurs. 

Waking up during this stage can result in grogginess and cognitive impairment for up to an hour. Dreaming during the REM stage can last up to two hours each night.

Dreaming with Cannabis

Management of Sleep

The effects of cannabis on dreaming are not clear-cut. Some sleep studies indicated that cannabis might reduce or suppress REM sleep, but this depends on context. In the meantime, researchers are attempting to comprehend the influence of specific cannabinoids on dreaming.


Although many current users assert that cannabis aids in sleeping, the effect of cannabis on sleep is not uniform. The impact of THC on sleep is due to various factors, such as the amount of cannabinoids present in the product and the consumer’s usage history. 

The influence of THC on sleep can vary over time. If you use cannabis edibles containing THC only a few times, you will not experience the same effects when you use them for a long time.

The immediate impact of THC on sleep may encourage faster and more sustained sleep onset, a decrease in REM sleep, and an increase in slow-wave sleep. Furthermore, some patients using cannabis reduce their intake of prescription sleep medications.


Taking high doses of CBD can cause an increase in the onset of REM sleep on the same day, whereas mid-range doses can result in a decrease in the onset of REM sleep the following day.

Individuals who have used CBD reported that the compound had had a significant impact on their dreams, resulting in more vivid and positive dreams, including sexual dreams and improved recall of their nighttime experiences.

CBD exhibits potential as a treatment for REM sleep behaviour disorder, characterized by individuals acting out their dreams in violent or vocal ways and experienced by those with PTSD. In such cases, suppressing REM sleep may be beneficial.

How do Cannabinoids Interact with Sleep?

Our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a regulatory role in almost all major physiological systems. The ECS consists of receptors, including the CB1 receptor, that enables THC’s psychoactive effects.

THC can impact sleep because many brain circuits that regulate sleep contain CB1 receptors and other ECS components. The expression of ECS receptors varies in different brain regions and between males and females. Therefore, cannabinoids can have differing effects on males and females. The ECS changes throughout life, and as a result, the impact of THC on sleep may vary as we age.

Why Does It Matters to Know the Effects of Cannabis on Dreams?

Most dreams fall into the categories of neutral, pleasant, or strange, but occasionally, terrifying dreams suddenly appear, causing extreme fear before waking up. These nightmares can happen to anyone due to various reasons. 

PTSD Patients Benefit from the Effects

There is growing evidence showing the use of cannabis in treating persistent nightmares in individuals with PTSD. In a CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics journal, 47 PTSD patients who had not responded to antidepressant and hypnotic medications took nabilone, a synthetic form of THC. Results showed that 72 percent of patients experienced a significant reduction or cessation of nightmares. Some patients reported improved sleep quality, fewer night sweats, and fewer daytime flashbacks.

In a study from the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 104 inmates with serious mental illness and PTSD found that THC improved symptoms such as nightmares, insomnia, and chronic pain. This allowed medications with potential negative side effects, including antipsychotics and sedatives/hypnotics, to be discontinued after treatment.

Where to Buy Cannabis Edibles Online?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I consume cannabis to suppress my REM sleep often?

The absence of REM sleep can negatively impact implicit learning, a type of learning that occurs unconsciously. Impairments in implicit learning can lead to difficulties performing automated tasks that do not require conscious recollection.

The lack of REM sleep can heighten pain sensitivity. In an experiment, individuals deprived of a full night’s REM sleep in a laboratory had a lower tolerance for pain.

Using small amounts of cannabis can help improve sleep quality without significantly affecting REM sleep.

How much should I consume?

Experts suggest starting with a dosage of 2-3 milligrams of THC if you are considering consuming an edible. This lower dose can provide a mildly euphoric experience without being too intense. Depending on the packaging of the edible, you may need to divide the product containing THC into smaller portions.

If you find that you’re still having difficulty falling asleep even with the aid of an edible, it’s acceptable to increase the dosage on subsequent nights.

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