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Budmail VS. GrassLife: A Selection Comparison

Securing a dependable and fitting dispensary has emerged as a common concern for recreational and medical marijuana enthusiasts. Despite the plethora of online cannabis dispensaries, not all can assure the delivery of high-quality cannabis products and the essential services you seek.

For those considering the option of exploring an online dispensary to purchase weed, a thoughtful comparison between Budmail and GrassLife could provide valuable insights.

Budmail VS. GrassLife: A Selection Comparison

Criteria for Comparison

Numerous articles have delved into the distinctions between the two dispensaries, but in this piece, we will focus on exploring the diverse array of quality products each offers. We’ll delve into the categories of products they boast about and highlight the quality items available for purchase.

The product selection we will look into is the following:

  • Flower
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • CBD Products


Edibles6470 (excluding drinks)
CBD Products1217

Cannabis Flower

Buds, commonly referred to as “nugs,” house trichomes that contain an array of compounds, including cannabinoids and terpenes, deliver either a euphoric experience or valuable medical benefits. The tightly packed clusters of buds, known as colas, result from their proximity during growth.

For consumption, buds undergo a process of drying and curing before being ready for smoking or vaporization. It’s noteworthy that only female cannabis plants can yield these coveted buds.

Budmails boasts an extensive array of cannabis flower selections in their store, which includes a premium line of branded buds that comes at a slightly higher cost. Pricing comparisons between the two dispensaries prove challenging, as no shared strain facilitates a straightforward evaluation.

Yet, Budmail garners feedback from its customers, such as a 3-star review expressing sentiments like, “I miss acquiring top-notch sativa from Budmail.”

GrassLife offers buds leaning toward AAA and AAA+ quality based on the cannabis grading system. AAA cannabis, commonly known as “Trips,” is a mid-grade marijuana that boasts impressive potency and notable THC levels.


Edibles encompass a variety of food products infused with cannabinoids, specifically THC, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis responsible for inducing a euphoric effect. These edibles may also incorporate CBD, another cannabis compound renowned for its therapeutic properties, devoid of any psychoactive effects.

Budmail presents diverse edibles, and GrassLife closely rivals its comprehensive selection. Both dispensaries feature products from renowned brands in the cannabis industry, such as Potlock, High Dose, and OneStop.

While the pricing disparity between the two is minimal, particularly for comparable products like Potluck 1:1 Apple Gummies, it’s worth noting that GrassLife is presently offering a discounted option for this particular gummy.


Cannabis concentrate includes a diverse range of products distinguished by exceptionally elevated THC levels. These concentrates originate from the cannabis plant through a meticulous extraction process that transforms them into highly concentrated forms. They retain all the natural terpenes and cannabinoids generated within the flowers, free from any extraneous plant material.

Budmail has more selection of concentrates, but GrassLife is proud to present multiple selections of hashish. Hashish, commonly known as hash, has its roots in the Middle East, Pakistan, North Africa, and Afghanistan. Hashish undergoes a compression process that results in a more concentrated product. The final form usually takes shape as a cake, ball, or sheet reminiscent of a cookie that users can break off and smoke the desired amount.

CBD Products

These products exclusively feature CBD as their primary ingredient and encompass a diverse range from oils to edibles. Available in both full-spectrum and isolate CBD variants, they cater to various preferences and needs.

Both dispensaries offer multiple selections of CBD products.

Other Products

Both dispensaries provide a diverse range of products, including pre-rolls and vapes. They also feature enticing mix-and-match promotions and sampler options.

GrassLife extends its product variety to include magic mushroom offerings such as dried shrooms and edibles. They allow customers to explore the effects of psychedelics at a reasonable price.

Budmail vs GrassLife

What Makes GrassLife Better than Budmail?

While Budmail provides a diverse range of selections for its customers, GrassLife not only offers a varied product assortment but also stands out in other areas, such as efficient shipping, exceptional customer service, and dependable payment options.

GrassLife’s website boasts user-friendly navigation, frequent, ongoing sale promotions, and a multitude of positive reviews. Users can effortlessly locate essential information such as the terms and conditions page and FAQs guiding them on how to pay, shopping procedures, order tracking, and the process of creating an account.

You can also find that GrassLife offers an updated site with valuable information you can use when starting with cannabis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do both dispensaries offer same-day delivery?

GrassLife provides convenient mail-order marijuana services accessible to customers across Canada. In contrast, Budmail may offer same-day delivery to select areas, but availability may vary, and certain products may not be accessible in specific regions, as outlined on their website.

Are there any promos for free shipping?

Yes. Both dispensaries have enticing free shipping promotions. At Budmail, you’ll enjoy complimentary shipping when you spend $200 or more, whereas GrassLife extends this benefit with a lower threshold of $149 for their free shipping promotion.

Can I get a discount as a new buyer?

When you become a new member at Budmail, you’ll receive 2500 points as a welcome bonus for joining their shop. GrassLife, on the other hand, extends a generous 20% discount to all new customers making their first purchase.

What payment methods are available for Budmail?

Budmail exclusively provides Interac E-transfers as their sole payment method. On their website, they announced that they will soon introduce a credit card payment option.

How much do I have to pay for the delivery fee?

Budmail delivers all mail orders through Canada Post and same-day orders via a local courier company. Both shipping options come with a flat rate of $10.

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Hand Packaged
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