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THC Vape Pen Canada

Vaping cannabis has gained popularity as the third most common method of consuming weed, as reported by the Canadian Cannabis Survey. The survey data indicates a notable increase, from 24% in 2020 to 28% in 2021. 

A growing number of Canadians are opting for vaping as a more health-conscious substitute for conventional smoking. This results in a drop in the percentage of smokers from 79% to 74% in 2021.

With the rising demand for THC vape pens Canada, we anticipate a proliferation of brands, flavours, dosages, and high-quality products entering the market. This expansion offers consumers a wider selection for them to find a product that aligns with their specific needs and preferences.

For those seeking a comprehensive understanding of weed vape pens, this article aims to provide you with all the essential information.

Key Takeaways:

  • THC vape pens are similar to nicotine pens but contain cannabis concentrates.
  • Weed pens are a safer alternative to smoking weed.
  • Not all vape pens are the same. Each has unique cartridge content, dosage, and strain.
THC Vapes

What are THC Vapes?

A THC vape pen is a gadget with a battery and a cartridge containing a concentrate. Instead of burning cannabis, vape pens evaporate the THC content to produce vapour rather than smoke. Some cannabis users choose vaping due to the absence of smoke and the portability.

Although it might appear fresh, vaping has a long history. The shisha, sometimes referred to as a hookah or water pipe nowadays, was introduced to India thousands of years ago. The ancient Egyptians utilized hot stones to inhale vapours produced by heated herbs.

In 2003, a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik tried to quit smoking heavily when he discovered a way to inhale nicotine liquid using high-frequency ultrasonic vibration and placed it all in a cigarette-like gadget. In the US, the first electronic cigarette vaporizer debuted in 2007.

In today’s vape pens, the vaporizing is done by a small heating element, and naturally, marijuana users utilize a cannabis concentrate instead of nicotine juice.

Anatomy of a Vape Pen

A vape pen consists of four major components:

  • The container used for vaporizing cannabis oil typically comes in two forms: a tank or a cartridge. Materials like steel, glass, and plastic make refillable tanks. Pre-filled cartridges are used until they are empty and then disposed of.
  • The heating component that vaporizes cannabis oil is known as an atomizer.
  • The lithium-ion rechargeable battery drives and warms the concentrate in the vape pen. Inhalation activates some batteries, while manual button pressing activates others. A USB charger comes with rechargeable batteries. Batteries in disposable pens are pre-charged.
  • The mouthpiece is where you inhale the vapour.

Benefits of Vape Pens

For novice users, vape pens have some benefits over smoking cannabis flowers.

  • Convenient: Cartridges are portable, compact containers containing concentrate or distillate. It is far simpler to carry a few of them than various cannabis flower.
  • Discreet: One notable difference is that the vapour they produce has a significantly less overpowering aroma compared to the scent of burning cannabis flower.
  • Cause less harm: In cannabis smoke, there are at least 100 chemicals, some of which can potentially cause cancer. Individuals who use vape pens do not inhale these chemicals because vaporization does not involve heating marijuana to the point of combustion. 
  • Easy to handle: There is no sticky resin to wipe up because the user discards the cartridges after use. The only byproduct is water vapour; there is no smoke, ash, or mess.

Canadian Brands that Offer High-Quality Vape Pens

Looking to experience the benefits of vape pens? You will need to get your hands on Canadian brands that offer the best quality of cannabis vapes.

SOL Vapes
Sol produces the finest cannabis vapes in British Columbia. Their deep commitment to purity allows them to meticulously craft high-quality cannabis extract. The brand offers multiple products, from THC distillate carts to Sol Pod vapes.Top Picks: Sol – THC Distillate Vape Cartridge (Indica) 1mlSol – THC Distillate Vape Cartridge – Hybrid
Westcoast Smoke Co.
WestCoast Smoke Co. creates disposable vape pens containing full-spectrum distillate oil and other cannabis products like pre-rolls with high-quality buds. They offer a distinct BC flavour profile, enhanced by locally sourced terpenes, for a flavorful and enjoyable experience.Top Pick: Westcoast Smoke Co. – Silver Bullet 2.0 Vape Pen
Milky Way Extracts
Milky Way Extracts produces one of the best cannabis extracts on the market. The high levels of CBD and THC in the cartridges add to their potency. Each cartridge contains 1g of active organic distillate and contains a significant quantity of cannabis with natural terpenes.Top Pick: Milky Way Extracts: 510 Thread Battery + Organic Vape Cartridges
Faded Cannabis Co.
In addition to their original items, Faded Cannabis Co. has now given us Faded tinctures and vape pens. Only naturally occurring terpenes and pure THC distillate are in their vape pens. It is as pure as it can be with no additional side products.Top Pick: Faded Cannabis Co. 2mL Live Resin Vape Pens
Foray Cannabis
The Auxly Cannabis Group network includes the cannabis brand Foray. They concentrate on producing scrumptious edibles with cannabis infusions, such as soft chews, chocolates, and caramels. They also sell vape items and have a variety of cartridges available in addition to those products.Top Pick: Foray- Blackberry Cream 510 Thread Cartridge 80% THC


Vape pens are poised to gain even more popularity in Canada as more people switch from traditional smoking to a safer alternative. These pens provide a comparable cannabis high to flower consumption but with reduced lung harm. They come with high-quality, lab-tested concentrates, such as distillates and live resins, known for their exceptional potency and clean, enjoyable effects.

GrassLife is an online dispensary that provides mail-order cannabis product delivery anywhere in Canada. When you explore our website, you’ll discover various vape pens, each offering varying potency levels and effects. We encourage you to browse our product range at your own pace to ensure you find the perfect vape pen that aligns with your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is inside a weed vape cart?

An essential component of the vape pen is the vape cartridge. The battery from a vape pen powers it.

  • CO2 Oil: Manufacturers can prepare CO2 oil to preserve the “plant-based terpenes” and essential components necessary for a natural “thinning agent” and the specific flavour associated with the strain. These elements are often lacking in distillates.
  • Distillates: A cannabis distillate cartridge houses highly refined, “pure cannabinoids” in oil. An advantage of using distillate oil in vape cartridges is that it can come from various sources without modifying the material’s viscosity.
  • Additives: In vape carts, additives act as a thinning agent. Coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and polyethylene glycol are common additions used to maintain and preserve the consistency of fat that is beneficial for ordinary atomizer performance.
  • Terpenes and Flavourings: Besides contributing to enhanced aroma and flavour, terpenes have demonstrated the ability to reduce the viscosity of cannabis oil within vape cartridges. This characteristic makes them a considerably safer option compared to traditional flavouring agents.

How much do vape pens cost?

The quality and accompanying accessories of a vape pen play a role in determining its cost. In the market catering to both medical and adult-use cannabis, there is a wide array of options to choose from. These include disposable vape pens that come pre-filled and ready for use, starter kits that provide both the battery and a charger, and more cost-effective 510-thread cartridges and replacement batteries that are available separately.

How to use a THC pen?

To use a pre-filled THC oil cartridge, you simply need to attach it to the battery. Once the battery is activated, you may press the button three to five times consecutively. While inhaling through the mouthpiece, keep pressing the button. An LED light will usually indicate that everything is functioning correctly. When the cartridge is empty, you can easily replace it with a new one.

How can you buy vape pens safely?

The best approach is to steer clear of any additives. Many affected people had obtained illicit or low-quality vape pens or cartridges, some of which may have contained vitamin E. This additive mimics the appearance of THC oil.

To avoid encountering potentially harmful additives, a recommended course of action is to refrain from purchasing vape cartridges on the black market, where counterfeit products may be prevalent. Instead, opt for a licensed dispensary for all your cannabis-related purchases.

How long does it take for THC vapes to work?

When inhaling THC through a vape pen or vaporizer, the effects typically kick in rapidly, often within minutes. Anecdotal evidence indicates that vape highs often last between two and four hours, but these estimates are not exact. Factors like cannabis experience and dosage can determine how long effects will begin and end.

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