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Cannabis extracts Canada

In recent years, cannabis extracts Canada have become increasingly popular in the market and among recreational users. Extracts are concentrated forms of cannabis created through various extraction methods, resulting in highly potent products that offer unique and powerful effects. 

Many MoMs in Canada offer a wide selection of extracts, including shatter and budder, two of the most popular extracts among cannabis users. 

In this blog, we will explore why shatter and budder have become such popular extracts and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We will also compare the differences between shatter and budder and provide insight into the factors to consider when choosing between them.

Shatter as a Top Cannabis Extract for Recreational Use

Shatter is a concentrated cannabis extract that extracts cannabinoids and terpenes using a solvent. It has a translucent, glass-like texture and is known for its high potency. Shatter is commonly consumed through vaporization or dabbing.

How It is Made

Shatter is a cannabis extract that is made using a specialized process. First, cannabis plant material is packed into a tube or column, and a solvent such as butane is used to extract the desired compounds. 

This mixture is then heated in a process called purging to remove any remaining solvents. A glass-like substance known as shatter is formed once the mixture has been purged. 

The final product is broken into small pieces for consumption. This process allows for a potent and highly concentrated cannabis extract popular among recreational users in Canada.

Why Should You Buy Shatter?

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Shatter offers several advantages for cannabis users, including:

1. Potency

Shatter is a highly concentrated cannabis extract that contains a high level of cannabinoids, particularly THC, which can result in a more potent experience for users.

2. Flavor

Shatter often has a rich flavor profile that can be more pronounced than other forms of cannabis, making it a popular choice among those who enjoy the taste of cannabis.

3. Versatility

Shatter can be used in various consumption methods, including vaporization, dabbing, and adding to edibles, making it a versatile choice for users who prefer different consumption methods.

4. Convenience

Shatter is a portable and easy-to-use cannabis product that can be easily stored and transported.

5. Medical Benefits

Some users find that shatter relieves various medical conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia, due to its high potency and concentrated levels of cannabinoids.

Buy Shatter in Canada 

Many online dispensaries offer a wide range of cannabis extracts, including shatter, a popular choice among recreational cannabis users. 

GrassLife has established itself as a dependable provider of lab-tested premium extracts created with high-quality cannabis strains in response to the rising demand for high-quality cannabis products in Canada. 

  • Premium Shatter – Biscotti 
    • Biscotti is an intense hybrid marijuana strain, predominantly indica, created by combining Gelato 25 with Sour Florida OG. It induces a cerebral high that results in relaxation, creativity, and a general buzz throughout the body.
  • Premium Shatter – Blueberry Muffin 
    • Humboldt Seed Co. blended the genetics of Blueberry and Purple Panty Dropper to develop Blueberry Muffin, an indica-dominant hybrid strain. Known for its distinctive purple buds, Blueberry Muffin boasts a consistent structure and aroma that resembles freshly baked muffins.
  • Premium Shatter – Cocoa Kush
    • Cocoa Kush is a hybrid strain created by breeding a female Blueberry Sativa with a DJ Short Blueberry male. The buds of this strain are elongated and feature violet calyx flowers covered in clear trichomes. 
    • It has a complex flavour profile with hints of nuttiness, licorice, chocolate, and a creamy, floral, and fruity undertone. It is known for its potency, with a cloud of thick smoke that can be overwhelming but leads to a dreamy and blissful high.
  • Premium Shatter – Face Off OG
    • Face Off OG is a strong indica strain originating from a gifted OG Kush phenotype in California during the late 1990s. This strain can induce dizzying euphoria and intense psychoactive effects, making it best for experienced users. Face Off OG is an excellent choice for relaxation and relieving physical discomfort because of its strong all-over benefits.
  • Premium Shatter – Grape Ape
    • This Premium Shatter – Grape Ape strain combines Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani. Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm propagate it. 
    • This strain is named after its unique grape-like aroma. It is popular for its ability to promote carefree relaxation, making it a great choice for those looking for relief from pain, stress, and anxiety.

Budder as a Top Cannabis Extract for Recreational Use

Budder is a cannabis concentrate known for its unique consistency and high potency. It is made by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant using solvents like butane or CO2, resulting in a high concentration of THC and other cannabinoids. The extract is then whipped and agitated to create a smooth and creamy consistency that is easy to use and resembles butter. 

How It is Made

Budder is typically made using butane extraction, similar to shatter. The process involves blasting the cannabis plant material with butane to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes. 

The resulting liquid is then purged of the solvent using heat and vacuum, which creates a waxy, budder-like consistency. However, the main difference between shatter and budder lies in the post-extraction process. 

The extract is vigorously whisked during purging to produce budder, which has a light, airy feel akin to whipped butter. This process also results in a higher concentration of terpenes in the final product, which gives the budder its distinct aroma and flavour.

Why Should You Buy Budder?

Budder at GrassLife

Budder offers several benefits to cannabis consumers:

  1. Its high potency allows for a more intense and longer-lasting high. It is also a highly concentrated form of cannabis, meaning less is needed to achieve the desired effects. 
  2. Budder is easy to use and can be vaporized, dabbed, or added to edibles, providing a versatile consumption method.
  3. Budder is smooth and creamy, making it easy to handle and manipulate.
  4. It has a unique flavour and aroma profile that can add complexity to cannabis-infused products.

Get Your Budder in Canada 

Some online dispensaries offer a wide variety of high-quality cannabis products, including budder, a popular cannabis extract known for its smooth texture and potent effects. 

Made using advanced extraction techniques, their budder is sourced from licensed producers and created from the finest quality cannabis strains and is perfect for experienced and novice cannabis users. 

  • Budder – Afgoo
    • Afgoo, or Afgooey, is a strong indica-dominant hybrid believed to be a cross between Afghani and Maui Haze strains. It is commonly associated with providing a relaxed and sleepy effect, although smaller doses may induce uplifting creativity.
  • Budder – Jillybean
    • The concentrate has a bright, vibrant orange color and a soft, buttery texture that is easy to work with. Jillybean’s sweet and fruity aroma and flavor are present in this concentrate, providing a delightful experience for users. 

Methods of Consumption | Cannabis Extracts Canada

There are several methods of using both budder and shatter, including:

  • Dabbing
    • Dabbing involves heating a specialized dab rig with a torch, then using a dab tool to apply a small amount of budder or shatter onto a heated nail and inhaling the resulting vapor.
  • Vaping
    • Another popular method is using a vaporizer pen or other device to vaporize the budder or shatter. This involves loading the extract into the device and heating it to a temperature that vaporizes the concentrate without burning it.
  • Smoking
    • Budder and shatter can also be smoked by adding small amounts to the top of a bowl of cannabis flower or rolling it into a joint.
  • Edibles
    • Budder and shatter can also make cannabis-infused edibles, such as brownies or gummies. This involves decarboxylating the extract, mixing it with a fat or oil, and adding it to a recipe.
    • It’s important to note that the potency of budder and shatter can vary greatly, so starting with small amounts and working your way up to find the right dosage is important.

The Verdict 

Shatter and budder are popular cannabis extracts that differ in texture, potency, and effects. Shatter has a glass-like consistency and is known for its high potency, often testing above 80% THC. According to a report, it can provide a powerful, clear-headed high and is favoured by many experienced cannabis users if they know how to smoke it flawlessly. 

Budder, conversely, has a softer, more wax-like texture and is typically less potent than shatter, with THC levels ranging from 60-80%. It is known for its well-rounded effects, providing physical relaxation and mental stimulation.

Personal preferences and unique considerations are important when deciding between shatter and budder. Some users may prefer the potency and clear-headed effects of shatter for daytime use, while others may prefer Budder’s softer, more balanced products for nighttime use. 

Factors such as tolerance level, desired effects, and consumption method (e.g., dabbing, vaporizing, or adding to edibles) should also be considered. Ultimately, the choice between shatter and budder comes from individual preferences and needs.

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