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People have different personalities, some may be outgoing (extroverted), while others prefer to be more reserved (introverted). Neither preference is inherently better nor worse than the other.

The modern world is often fast-paced and heavily focused on verbal communication, making it challenging for introverted individuals to thrive. This environment can drain the energy of many introverts, causing them to withdraw and avoid social situations. 

Cannabis Winnipeg introverts can now come out of their shell and boost their social skills by selecting the right strains that allow them to be more comfortable in gatherings.

If you’re curious about how cannabis can improve your social skills, you’ve come to the right place. First, we’ll explore the theory behind how cannabis can boost social activity. Then, we’ll suggest specific strains that you can smoke or consume to enhance your social experience.

Introverts and Marijuana: Social Experimentation

The prefrontal cortex is a brain region that regulates social behaviour. What’s intriguing is that cannabis has a positive effect on social behaviour and perception.

A study conducted at the University of Kentucky discovered that individuals who consumed cannabis had higher levels of self-esteem and better mental health compared to a similar control group. The cannabinoids found help introverts maintain a healthy chemical balance in the brain and regulate the communication between neurons. This indicates that cannabis has the potential to aid introverts in feeling more comfortable in new situations.

Another study in 1987, with a limited sample size, investigated the impact of marijuana on the social behaviour of a small group of individuals. The study involved 12 participants divided into four groups of three. The participants spent half of the day working independently in their rooms and the other half interacting with each other. During the study, the participants smoked cigarettes containing either THC or a placebo on four occasions.

The study showed that the groups who consumed cannabis had significantly more social interaction time throughout the day. These findings indicate that marijuana can enhance social experiences, even in controlled laboratory conditions.

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Explanation: How Does Cannabis Boost Social Interaction?

Consuming cannabis activates the endocannabinoid system, which can induce a sense of well-being by regulating stress responses and reward motivations. Cannabis users have reduced amygdala reactivity to threatening social stimuli, and using cannabis can rapidly increase feelings of happiness, optimism, and well-being.

The most common effects reported in real-time by medical cannabis users are feeling relaxed, peaceful, and comfortable. These findings contrast the effects of other substances like alcohol, which are known to cause increases in aggression and hostility.

Cannabis can potentially reduce the impact of threatening social situations on individuals, which may benefit those experiencing Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD).

Helping in Social Anxiety Behaviour

The impact of THC on social interactions may vary and can be difficult to predict. Some users reported feeling more at ease in social settings with a low dose of THC but higher caused anxiety.

To effectively address anxiety disorders like SAD, further research is necessary to comprehensively grasp the anxiolytic and anxiogenic effects of both THC and CBD. CBD may be a preferable alternative for alleviating social anxiety symptoms as it does not induce an anxiogenic response and intoxicating effects, even at high doses, making it a safer option.

Terpenes, which are present in cannabis, may have the potential to alleviate social anxiety. Certain terpenes, such as linalool, possess anxiolytic properties, which can lead to less stressful social interactions. Furthermore, research indicates that terpenes may augment the anxiolytic properties of THC and CBD by means of a phenomenon referred to as the entourage effect.

Strains for Social Boost

Looking to enhance your social skills with cannabis? Check out these strains that can help you feel at ease in social situations when meeting new people.


Astroboy, which is Sativa-dominant, has a rapid onset of effects that occur shortly after inhalation of its fruity smoke. As users acclimate to its distinct sensations, they may experience an elevated state of thinking, where ideas and concepts flow freely and quickly, one after the other.

This heightened mental state may even prompt users to explore thoughts or subjects that previously did not capture their interest. Such a cerebral state can be advantageous for completing intricate analytical tasks or generating innovative concepts for creative endeavours.

Strawberry Cough

Besides its delectable blend of sweet strawberry and spicy skunk flavours, Strawberry Cough can stimulate engaging discussions. Increasing feelings of happiness, creativity, and positive energy can be likened to a refreshing beverage for individuals who enjoy socializing.

Sour Joker

Sour Joker is a strain that can elicit a highly euphoric and joyful experience, often inducing spontaneous fits of laughter. This high produces a feeling of energy, positivity, and a slight haziness that contributes to an overall sense of happiness.

It can bring about mild physical relaxation while keeping the mind alert and content. The effects often promote a calm, focused, and sociable state.

Cheetah Piss

Cheetah Piss is an appropriate strain for those experiencing fatigue or depression and seeking a cognitive boost. It may alleviate mood swings, reduce stress, and alleviate chronic pain.

This strain may have multiple applications, such as a remedy for social anxiety, overcoming writer’s block, and promoting feelings of hunger, sociability, creativity, and relaxation.


Snowcap is a strain that can quickly and robustly stimulate the mind, producing feelings of happiness and elation. This tingling sensation begins in the head and radiates throughout the body, promoting talkativeness and a carefree attitude.

This positive and giggly feeling may spread to the limbs as time passes, inducing relaxation and tranquillity. This popular strain can motivate without inducing the anxiety that some potent strains can cause.

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Where to Get Social Boosting Strains?

Want to socialize but don’t know where to find a reputable and licensed cannabis retailer who can provide you with strains that may help?

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In addition to smoking strains that can boost your energy and give you the confidence to socialize, our online store offers other products and benefits.

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Cannabis can be an effective aid for introverts in Winnipeg who want to improve their social skills. By reducing symptoms of social anxiety disorder and increasing feelings of happiness and optimism, cannabis can help facilitate social connections and meaningful relationships. 

To fully experience the benefits of cannabis, consume it in moderation and consider the balance of cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) to help you achieve your desired effects.

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