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The use of cannabis may affect the brain regions linked to creativity. Some well-known artists and intellectuals attributed their creative inspiration to cannabis. For example, musicians like Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix have been known for their appreciation of cannabis.

If you’re an artist looking to explore your creative side, you may have considered using cannabis. Research suggests that cannabis can enhance creativity and contribute to the artistic process. Let us explore the effects of cannabis on the human brain’s creative abilities and provide information on where to find specific strains online for the cannabis Edmonton community.

Link Between Cannabis And Creativity

When there is an increase in blood flow to certain areas of the brain, particularly the frontal lobe, it improves creative performance. Cannabis use can increase Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF) within just thirty minutes, leading to greater creativity and innovative thinking when the increased blood flow reaches the frontal lobe.

Studies indicated that changes in CBF cause changes in behaviour. For example, a study conducted by Life Science in 1993 found that marijuana’s impact on mood and behaviour is likely related to changes in CBF. 

In 2007, a study in NeuroImage found that highly creative individuals showed higher CBF in specific brain regions during creative tasks. This suggests the existence of a neural network dedicated to the creative process.

Cannabis can cause dopamine levels in the brain to increase, resulting in euphoria. In addition, CBD, a compound found in cannabis, can inhibit the reabsorption of anandamide, a bliss molecule, leading to feelings of joy and happiness. Together, these effects can lower inhibitions and increase the likelihood of taking risks.

Furthermore, a study published in PLoS One in 2016 suggests that there may be a correlation between dopamine levels in different areas of the brain and human creativity.

Schafer and Associates Research

To investigate the potential relationship between marijuana and creativity, Schafer carried out a study. The study involved categorizing participants into two groups based on their level of creativity: those with low creativity and those with high creativity. 

Then, her team assessed the participants’ verbal fluency, which measured the number of words the person could recall from memory while sober and under the influence of cannabis.

After one week of cannabis use, the group that initially had lower scores in verbal fluency showed a significant improvement in their scores. However, the high creativity group saw no noticeable increase in their performance while using cannabis.

Schafer’s research suggests that people who do not believe they are creative can benefit from cannabis. It can stimulate their thinking and help them generate new ideas they might not have when sober. If someone is already highly creative, using cannabis may not improve their abilities significantly, but it won’t decrease them.

Choosing a Strain for Creativity

To maximize the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, use a combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These compounds create what is called the entourage effect, where these compounds work together to enhance the plant’s therapeutic properties.

Certain combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes can promote creativity. THC, in particular, can enhance divergent thinking and creative productivity. Meanwhile, terpenes like myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene may help certain people tap into their creative potential.

Regarding dosage, most research studies, including input from medical expert Dr. Lewis Nelson at Rutgers University, indicate that high doses of THC can cause drowsiness and paranoia, hindering creativity. Instead, Dr. Nelson suggests that low doses of cannabis may boost creativity in certain groups.

If you intend to use cannabis for creative purposes, consider your tolerance level. Start with small to moderate amounts of cannabis and monitor how it affects you before consuming more.

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Suggested Strains:

Strawberry Cough

The aroma of Strawberry Cough is reminiscent of berries with each prolonged inhalation. This strain can alleviate nervousness during social gatherings and be used during solitary moments when you need to tap into your creativity.

Strawberry Cough can promote a cheerful disposition, reduce anxiety, boost inventiveness, and encourage seizing opportunities. It is an effective strain for those seeking a boost in creativity and mood.

Red Congo

Many people reported feeling elevated and joyful after consuming Red Congo. It is probable that any negative emotions or concerns will disappear, and you can expect an increased ability to focus and complete tasks. Additionally, there may be a slight tingling sensation throughout your body, easing any minor discomfort and enhancing your physical senses.


Hawaiian is a strain of cannabis recognized for its predominantly cerebral effects, which are characterized by intense feelings of happiness and positivity. It is particularly useful for unwinding and relaxation after a long day because it provides an uplifting and euphoric experience. 

Although not known for having strong physical effects, it can clear the mind and boost focus and creativity. As a medicinal treatment, Hawaiian is often used to alleviate stress, as it offers a rejuvenating and revitalizing effect.

Cheetah Piss

Cheetah Piss starts with a calm sensation and rapidly transitions into a state of enthusiasm and immense joy, which makes you more attentive and extroverted. Many creative individuals often describe experiencing a surge of innovative thoughts and a yearning to participate in deep and meaningful conversations.

Online Cannabis Dispensaries Offering Access to Creative-Enhancing Strains

If you are looking to try strains that can enhance your creativity, online cannabis dispensaries are a convenient and accessible option for Canadians. These dispensaries are typically locally owned and offer various cannabis products for purchase.

Online dispensaries offer a super-friendly website that is easily accessible, making the buying process simple and fast. They also have a friendly team that can assist with any questions you may have.

If you want a great selection of high-quality cannabis products to enhance your creativity, GrassLife is an excellent online dispensary to consider. We offer a variety of products, including buds, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, and more, ensuring that you can find what you need to suit your preferences.

We deliver our products throughout Canada, so no matter where you are, whether in Alberta, Manitoba or anywhere else, we can provide you with your cannabis needs.


Some individuals may experience increased creativity when consuming cannabis. This effect occurs by consuming specific strains in moderate amounts, which can enhance CBF and change mood. These changes in behaviour and mood can contribute to creative thinking and task performance.

Online cannabis dispensaries, such as GrassLife, provide a convenient way for individuals to purchase their favourite cannabis products at great prices. With the convenience provided by web-based cannabis stores, individuals can now easily unleash their creativity and showcase themselves through the use of cannabis.

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