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Cannabis is a plant that can enhance various activities by heightening the experience or allowing users to connect more deeply with whatever they are doing. With the widespread availability of cannabis, it is now possible to experience its effects without leaving the comfort of your home. You can easily buy weed online and pair it with exciting activities to enhance your experience even further.

Are you looking for suggestions on which activities to pair with cannabis? Our comprehensive list includes activities you can try alone or with friends and family. Additionally, we’ll explain how an online dispensary can enhance your experience with these activities.

Activities to Pair with Your Weed

Try Cooking

You can put your cooking skills to the test and whip up some mouth-watering dishes to savor with your favourite cannabis products. Whether you fancy high-end restaurant-style meals or easy-to-make snacks from your pantry, blending food and weed can be an exhilarating and delightful experience.

Instead of ordering pizza from your local delivery, why not take a break and try experimenting with different ingredients in the kitchen? Do this before consuming cannabis, as cooking can be more challenging when you’re already feeling the effects of cannabis. Enjoying a homemade meal while experiencing a pleasant high is a unique and delightful experience you won’t miss.

You can try strains of cannabis products known to enhance your appetites, such as pure Indica or Indica-dominant strains. These strains cause munchies, allowing you to consume the food prepared beforehand.

Listen to Music

To enhance your musical experience, prepare a playlist and begin playing it as you start smoking. You may discover a new perspective on the music you thought you knew when you were under the influence of cannabis. Additionally, relaxing melodies can stimulate your mind and amplify your experience.


Have you heard of the amazing euphoria one can experience after a challenging workout, often called “runner’s high”? This sensation reduces anxiety, enhance focus and boost mood. Interestingly, the use of cannabis can also stimulate the release of endorphins, the same brain chemicals responsible for the feeling of invincibility that accompanies exercise.

According to a study conducted by the University of Hamburg, running can activate cannabinoid receptors in mice. This activation can result in increased levels of endocannabinoids, such as beta-endorphins and anandamide.

When engaging in physical exercise, you may consider using Sativa strain or Sativa-dominant cannabis products.

Go for A Walk

To enhance your understanding of your surroundings, consider leisurely walking through different environments, such as the city, park, or a few blocks in your neighbourhood. This will allow you to gain a renewed perspective of each area, and you will be able to observe small details that you may not have noticed previously.

At first, starting a walking routine may be difficult to motivate yourself. However, as soon as you start walking, you’ll instantly feel its benefits. Walking briskly can make you feel more agile and nimble, and physical exercise can stimulate brain activity and improve your mood, making the experience even more enjoyable.

Play Video Games

Playing video games can be so engaging that time seems to pass quickly, even without the influence of cannabis. However, cannabis can enhance the virtual experience by adding an extra layer, intensifying the gratification of accomplishing objectives, and improving the vibrant graphics and effects. Whether you play alone, with friends, or online, it’s worth exploring whether being under the influence of cannabis can improve your gaming abilities.

Watch a Movie

Watching a movie is simple, but we’re not talking about just any movie. While selecting something from TV may work, many films are perfect for watching while under the influence. 

Stoner comedies can be extra entertaining with their humour, unpredictable scenarios, and often absurd storylines. Additionally, more artistic, critically acclaimed films, and your favourite animated film can even be more fascinating.


Try getting up and dancing! This can be an excellent activity to do while under the influence of cannabis, as the music can motivate you and make it more enjoyable than you might think. 

Turn up the volume and let yourself move to the beat. Not only can it be physically beneficial, but learning new dance moves can also be mentally stimulating.

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Buy Weed Online from a Reputable Dispensary

Engaging in the suggested activities can be enjoyable when under the influence of cannabis. However, the type of strain you use can also affect your experience. In order to find the perfect strain for your preferences, you may consider browsing an online cannabis store for a wide selection of options.

If you choose to buy weed online, you can enjoy several advantages. These include the ability to find the best product or strain for your needs, as well as mail-order marijuana delivery. Whether you plan to use weed for medical or recreational purposes, opting for online purchasing is a smart choice.

Various Product Selection

Each of the activities mentioned requires a specific type of cannabis strain to achieve the desired effect. For instance, if you want to dance, take a walk, or play video games, you should avoid purchasing strains that cause couch lock or sedation. Similarly, Sativa strains are unsuitable for activities requiring relaxation, such as lounging around, listening to music, or napping. 

When purchasing online, you have the option to choose from a variety of products that offer different methods of cannabis consumption. You can explore different forms, such as cannabis strains, edibles, or concentrates, each offering a unique experience.

Convenient Shopping

If you’re looking to get high, an online weed dispensary can be a convenient option. You can browse different strains and products from the comfort of your couch without physically visiting a dispensary.

A top online dispensary not only ensures fast delivery but also offers exceptional customer service. They prioritize the timely delivery of your orders and provide various communication channels like email and chat to connect with them.

Deals and Discounts

Looking to save money on buying weed? Consider shopping at online dispensaries. These stores offer high-quality products at affordable prices and provide various ways to save money. 

You can take advantage of discounted products, free shipping, first-time buyer discounts, and other promotions. Moreover, loyal customers may be eligible for additional discounts or earn points towards future purchases.

Read Reviews

Purchasing weed online provides the opportunity to read feedback from genuine customers. This allows you to verify if a product is accurate in its description and delivers the desired effects. This is different from purchasing from a physical dispensary, where you may rely solely on the salesperson’s advice, which can sometimes be biased. Reviews, on the other hand, are a useful resource for making well-informed decisions.


Try different activities and use cannabis to enhance them based on your preference. It can make these activities more enjoyable and memorable.

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