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Ways to Consume Marijuana

Marijuana is traditionally and most frequently consumed as dried flower. People often smoke and enjoy the pleasant or energetic high it offers. Today, we are lucky to have a wide selection of products from local and online dispensaries. In addition, edibles concentrate and other forms are growing increasingly popular in modern times. 

The growing options to experiment with weed give people different ways to try marijuana- if one mode of delivery is not possible or available. For example, a person with a respiratory disorder should not smoke weed but, alternatively, can safely consume it as edibles.

Multiple choices might overwhelm some beginners who are only familiar with smoking weed.  You don’t always have to start with a joint if you want to try cannabis, though. Other methods of getting high exist. Items available from the Grasslife online dispensary are listed below.


Products made from cannabis concentrates are an extremely popular consumption method. Making concentrates involves taking the active components from marijuana plants. Every extraction process removes undesired plant material and contaminants using different techniques. As a result, the products are highly effective and have high terpene and cannabinoid concentrations.

cannabis concentrates

You can try several different concentrate products if you want a potent high. It is simple to ingest while on the go due to the availability of vape goods like pens and portable vaporizers. Additionally, you can turn concentrates into vapour by investing in a tabletop vaporizer like dab rigs. Some dab rigs aren’t portable enough for on-the-go, they’re quick and reliable when you’re at home- although portable rigs are available as well. Concentrates can be very strong, so if you’re new to vaping, start with a smaller amount.

Some examples of concentrates are hash, wax, shatter, crumble, budder, and more.


Any ingestible product infused with marijuana is considered to be edible. It is the second most popular cannabis product in Canada. This is due to multiple benefits, from having a wide selection to being a discrete choice.

Magnolia Edibles Canada

Edible marijuana products are absorbed through the digestive system rather than smoked, which may take longer for them to take effect. The effects, on the other hand, can last a lot longer than when you smoke cannabis. This long-lasting effect can be a great choice for people who want to feel high for a longer time or get pain relief.

When choosing edibles, you’ll be surprised by the never-ending selection of products. There are gummies, chocolate bars, and hard candies. In addition, you can find different flavours, cannabinoid content, and brands in the edible section.


You can breathe in the vapour instead of smoke with vaporizers. They function by concentrating or heating a flower to a temperature below the point of combustion. This generates vapour that contains THC and CBD, two of cannabis’ active compounds.

weed edibles for sale online

People who want to avoid the adverse effects of smoking opt for vaporizers. It is a wise choice for anyone who wants to maximize the benefits of their weed. Vaporizers like THC Distillate Vape Cartridge provide you the option to customize your experience based on the flower or concentrate you use.

No hazardous byproducts, such as tar or carcinogens, are produced by this process vs combustion-style methods.

Health and Wellness


This section offers products mainly used to improve one’s health, like daily vitamins. In addition, you can find oils like CBD Tears or Rick Simpson oil for anxiety relief, increased appetite, and to help with insomnia. Other products like pet balm help relieve inflammation, skin irritation, and allergies for your pet..

Marijuana flower

Last, but the most popular form of cannabis product is the flower. It’s challenging to surpass conventional weed. Yet, it is one of the most well-liked products. The cannabinoids and other active ingredients in marijuana enter your bloodstream through your lungs when you smoke it. The powerful, virtually instantaneous impacts that this technology creates are adored by people all around the world.

Buds can be consumed in a joint, blunt, bong, pipe, or other inventive ways. Hundreds of strains are available at our shop, with different aromas, tastes, and effects. You can choose from a Sativa, Indica, or a Hybrid strain


As weed is becoming more popular and accessible, you are sure to find more products and options to choose from as a user. Gone are the days when you have only to smoke to get high or indulge in a brownie. Today, you can try different ways to use marijuana recreationally or therapeutically. Additionally, these products are now accessible online, making it far easier for anyone to get the cannabis fix while staying in the comfort of their home. Grasslife online dispensary is where you can order premium, lab-tested products and get them delivered to your home.

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